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Korea's Green Growth Transformation Korea's Green Growth Transformation




What is KGID


Launched in 2O14, Korea Green Innovation Days (KGID) is the World Bank Group’s annual flagship green growth knowledge sharing event organized and funded by the Korea Green Growth Trust Fund (KGGTF).

KGID One-on-One Platform for Green Growth Dialogue Song Eon-Seog, Vice Minister, Ministry of Strategy & Finance, RoK

Once every year, the World Bank’s leading experts in climate change and economic development, together with client country delegations and green growth practitioners from the Republic of Korea and around the world come together at Korea Green Innovation Days to share tangible examples and holistic, innovative approaches to achieving sustainable development.

KGID Key Note Speakers

KGID  Korea Green Innovation Days   facilitates in-depth discussions on major issues surrounding green growth and long-term climate-smart development, and provides a platform for World Bank staff, client countries and green growth experts to network and exchange technical and operational knowledge.

Key Objectives of KGID

Learn how Korea, the World Bank and other countries are sharing green growth technical knowledge globally.
Learn about climate-smart and green technologies, policies, and methods from other countries that may support your country’s sustainable development growth plans and actions.
Make new contacts that can help you better implement green growth and climate-smart actions.
Build a global community of experts engaging in dialogue on green innovation and implementation long after the event.
KGID 2019

Welcome to KGID 2O19

Green Growth, Transforming the World  eco  September 26-27th, 2O19

KGID 2019
KGID 2019
KGID 2019
Ethel Sennhauser

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A Welcome Message from the World Bank & the KGGTF
— Ethel Sennhauser, Director of Strategy & Operations, Sustainable Development, World Bank

Thank You for joining us at KGID 2O19

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The KGGTF’s 6th annual flagship event, held in Seoul, South Korea, focused on sharing transformational strategies and methodologies at every stage of the pathway to green growth, from design and planning to implementation. 

The event showcased the progress and impact of KGGTF’s programs and operations around the globe, highlighting transformational business and financing models, long-term investment methodologies, and the importance of collaborative partnerships for accessing and leveraging knowledge, technology and investment to support ambitious green growth plans.

More than 300 green growth practitioners and visionaries from around the world, including officials from 14 developing nations, decision-makers and leaders from Korea’s public and private sector, and World Bank technical specialists located around the world participated in interactive sessions and technical workshops.

The two-day program was officially opened by Deputy Minister Hoejeong Kim of the Ministry of Economy and Finance, Republic of Korea, and included 10 super sessions, 8 working sessions, an exhibition space featuring 7 Korean Institutions and 3 Ministry Partners, and a Green Talks Interview Booth.

Key Highlights of KGID 2O19

National Green Growth Policy Transformations

Director General Jinnam Kim from the Prime Minister’s Office for Supporting Green Growth, and Dr Yujin Lee from the Committee on Green Growth presented results from the past decade of Korea’s Green Growth policy, major achievements during that time, and the key directions and tasks ahead to plan for, and implement climate change response. World Bank Practice Manager Christophe Crepin shared details of National Green Growth policy transformations underway in Vietnam and Lao PDR.

National Green Growth Policy Transformations

Innovation Driving Transformational Business Models

This session featured two notable case studies in the Transport and Urban sectors as compelling examples of how technology and data-driven solutions and decision making can deliver better, more efficient, climate-friendly policies and services. Dr JaeHak Oh, President of the Korea Transport Institute (KOTI) gave a special presentation on the impacts, policy issues and future directions of shared mobility.

Innovation driving transformational business models

World Bank Partnerships for Leveraging Knowledge

This session, led by Hoon Sahib Soh, Special Representative at the World Bank Korea Office, demonstrated the effectiveness of partnerships for accessing and leveraging Korean knowledge, technology and investment to support green growth plans, with examples of KGGTF  Korea Green Growth Trust Fund   - WBG  World Bank Group   Korea Office joint support to provide innovative development solutions in Urban (Land & Geospatial Technology), Environment and Energy.

World Bank Partnerships for Leveraging Knowledge

Platform for Green Growth Dialogue

KGID  Korea Green Innovation Days   provided the opportunity for participants to exchange technical and operational knowledge with a global community of experts. The introduction of a mobile app facilitated connections and discussions before, during and after the event, and bilateral meetings were held to discuss many aspects of green innovation and implementation, as well potential to collaborate long after the event.

Platform for Green Growth Dialogue

The Korea Herald Reports on KGID 2O19

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A two-day symposium on green growth organized by the World Bank Group Korea Green Growth Trust Fund opened in Seoul on Thursday, bringing together more than 150 government officials, industry leaders and experts...

WB Asian Executive Victoria Kwakwa Touts Korea’s Technology Leadership

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A field research to improve Vietnam’s industrial energy efficiency, funded by the World Bank and the Korea Green Growth Trust Fund, is in progress...

KGID 2O19 Event Collateral

KGID Past EventsKGID Archives

2018 THE GREEN GROWTH EFFECT, Seoul, South Korea. With green growth informing World Bank and country projects in a variety of sectors around the globe KGID 2O18  View the Site • KGID 2O18   focused shared learnings of how green growth frameworks can transform challenging development scenarios into opportunities to stimulate economic growth, improve quality of life and build shared economic prosperity.

2017 WORKING TOGETHER TO MAKE GREEN GROWTH HAPPEN, Dar Es Salaam, Tanzania. The Fourth Annual KGID  Korea Green Innovation Days   provided attendees with strategies to develop integrated, multi-sector solutions to use green growth to fuel sustainable development, including sessions on green investment, e-mobility, and technology and governance as catalysts for green growth.

2016 INVESTING IN GREEN RESILIENCE, Seoul, Republic of Korea. KGID  Korea Green Innovation Days   2O16 focused on Korea, client countries, and the World Bank are sharing green growth technical knowledge globally and featured sessions on climate-smart technologies and policies.

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