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Launched in 2014, Korea Green Innovation Days (KGID) is the World Bank Group’s annual flagship green growth knowledge sharing event organized and funded by the Korea Green Growth Trust Fund (KGGTF).

KGID One-on-One Marianne Fay, Former Chief Economist of the Sustainable Development Vice-Presidency, WBG Song Eon-Seog, Vice Minister, Ministry of Strategy & Finance, RoK

Once every year, the World Bank’s leading experts in climate change and economic development, together with client country delegations and green growth practitioners from the Republic of Korea and around the world come together at Korea Green Innovation Days to share tangible examples and holistic, innovative approaches to achieving sustainable development.

KGID Key Note Speakers

KGID facilitates in-depth discussions on major issues surrounding green growth and long-term climate-smart development, and provides a platform for World Bank staff, client countries and green growth experts to network and exchange technical and operational knowledge.

Key Objectives of KGID

Learn how Korea, the World Bank and other countries are sharing green growth technical knowledge globally.
Learn about climate-smart and green technologies, policies, and methods from other countries that may support your country’s sustainable development growth plans and actions.
Make new contacts that can help you better implement green growth and climate-smart actions.
Build a global community of experts engaging in dialogue on green innovation and implementation long after the event.
KGID2019 Logo

Green Growth

Transforming the World

September 26-27 in Seoul, Korea

KGID 2019 will provide attendees the opportunity to examine the transformational power of green growth with conference sessions that focus on case studies, tangible results and data from World Bank Korea Green Growth Trust Fund projects.

Presenters at this year’s KGID will share valuable insights and learnings from green growth programs that are being implemented around the world, covering a wide variety of programs and sectors from climate-smart coastal management to transport policy, to green construction—to name only a few.

Key Objectives of KGID 2019

  • Share transformational strategies and methodologies from KGGTF funded programs worldwide.

  • Exchange technical and operational knowledge across multiple layers of green growth investment.

  • Provide a platform for networking and community building between World Bank staff, clients and green growth technical experts.

Program Features at KGID 2019

  • Super Sessions – Super Sessions will take place each morning in the main auditorium. They will examine a range of multi-sectoral green growth challenges being tackled across KGGTF program activities at various stages of green growth transformation, including a look at the results and impact of several completed grants and lessons that can be learned

  • Working Sessions – Working Sessions will run simultaneously each afternoon. They will be smaller-scale technical discussion forums in break-out rooms, focused on specific sectors or technical areas where green growth experts and practitioners can discuss issues, share solutions to problems, and seek collaboration opportunities

  • Moble App – KGID 2019 will launch the KGGTF mobile app, a mobile knowledge exchange platform that will facilitate networking and connections and provide a digital event experience

  • Meeting Lounge – KGID 2019 will provide a platform for networking and bi-lateral meetings to be held with global experts, knowledge partners and institutions from diverse fieldsStory End

KGID Past Events

Korea Green Innovation Days

2018 THE GREEN GROWTH EFFECT, Seoul, South Korea. With green growth informing World Bank and country projects in a variety of sectors around the globe KGID 2018  View the Site • KGID 2018   focused shared learnings of how green growth frameworks can transform challenging development scenarios into opportunities to stimulate economic growth, improve quality of life and build shared economic prosperity.

2017 WORKING TOGETHER TO MAKE GREEN GROWTH HAPPEN, Dar Es Salaam, Tanzania. The Fourth Annual KGID provided attendees with strategies to develop integrated, multi-sector solutions to use green growth to fuel sustainable development, including sessions on green investment, e-mobility, and technology and governance as catalysts for green growth.

2016 INVESTING IN GREEN RESILIENCE, Seoul, Republic of Korea. KGID 2016 focused on Korea, client countries, and the World Bank are sharing green growth technical knowledge globally and featured sessions on climate-smart technologies and policies.

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